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20th Annual Summer Intensive
July 8-19, 2013

Come spend two life changing weeks with Arts Triumphant at the Dance Barn at Lion's Oak, located in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia! The Dance Barn provides space for dance workshops, BalletSport retreats and other artistic activities.
No experience needed....just a willing dancing Heart! Classes will continue to "build" through the 2 weeks. BalletSport is an "Open" class (drop in any day). All other classes are designed to follow through daily from 9:30 - 4:00 daily.

The Annual Summer Dance Intensive provides an opportunity for in-depth study in many areas of dance during the summer months, while building relationships with peers from across the country and around the world. Come and dance a midsummer dream in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!

Summer Intensive Curriculum

"Beyond great classes, learn about the divine inspiration
that motivates the dancer."Ě

CLASSICAL BALLET (all levels - daily)

Based on a combination of Vaganaova, R.A.D. and Cecchetti techniques. The classes will include teaching in body alignment, basic technique and body position, and the foundation upon which larger and more complex movements are based. Dance steps with petite allegro, adagio and in-depth center combinations to enhance the students‚ńô ability to progress in their artistry. The relationship between music and movement, as expressed on stage as a divine artist, will be studied.


Basic body warm-ups focusing on strengthening arms, stomach muscles and legs. Across the floor isolations, rhythm exercises, and basic floor combinations, walks, runs, leaps and falls. This class is based upon a balanced program of lyrical, show and contemporary, emphasizing the importance of ballet training.


Your life is a journey, it has a story worth writing down. A poem, a thought, a song. Enter it in your journal and let it inspire you. This class will explore the creative writing process and awaken the art of journaling.

D.R.U.G. -

Exploring movement beyond just technique. By utilizing imagery from nature & music, we can realize the power that every step has. Dance that is filled with and demonstrates hope to our world. Its like a Supernatural D.R.U.G.

BALLETSPORT the Supernatural Body Language

Balletsport Created from a purely classical foundation, BalletSport challenges the body physically to discover its true definition. We all have journey, a story to tell. Ballet means to tell a story and Sport is any physical activity, together they form a body language that is Supernatural. BalletSport conditions the body, mind & spirit with artfull movement, that tone and strengthen the body beautifully, and release a life affirming body language in and through you.

Age & Experience

Ages 12 through adult.

LEVEL I/Beginners:
No previous training is necessary, although it is helpful.

LEVEL II/Intermediate:
At least 4 years of formal, structured classical ballet training and currently enrolled in Ballet classes.

LEVEL III & IV/Advanced:
At least 5 years of formal, structured training with Pointe work for girls and currently enrolled in structured classes at least 3 times per week.

To register print, fill out and mail in the registration from below


Registration Form

July 8-19, 2013

NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE: $35.00 ($50.00 after 5/15/2013)

1 WEEK - July 8 - $150.00 + Reg. Fee

2 WEEKS - July 8-19 - $300.00 + Reg. Fee

Please type/ print all information and mail with your
$35 non-refundable registration fee ($50 after May 15, 2013) to:

Arts Triumphant Dance Theatre
365 Lions Oak Lane
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Phone 304-261-3771

Make all checks payable to Arts Triumphant.

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Registration ($50 after 5/15/2013) $ 35
 Week 1 - July 8-12 $ 150
 Week 1&2 - July 8-19
$ 300

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