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Embracing Divine Destiny through BalletSport

Your Divine Destiny is not just a Destination, 

it’s a Journey!



The Super Natural Body Language

Grace meets Strength.


Created by Internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer and Artistic Director of Arts Triumphant Dance Theatre, Yvonne Salcedo Williams, BalletSport gives the workout a new look by using basic ballet technique modified to allow almost anyone to tone, shape and redefine their bodies. BalletSport engages the body, mind and spirit and transforms the ordinary workout into the Dance of Life!  No prior experience is needed - pink tights and tutus are not the dress code.  Now virtually anyone can have a dancer’s body.


Balletsport classes are user friendly, for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.  While utilizing ballet exercises, the program is designed for the dancer and non-dancer alike. BalletSport replaces barbells with barres, and squats with plies. The real secret sculpting tool employed by the ballet dancer is the brain. 


 “It’s not surprising to see the fitness industry turn to Ballet”, Williams says. “While every movement seems to flow effortlessly from the heart, by concentrating, the dancer is aware of how every muscle and bone is working to form a movement that lives.”  “Through BalletSport, you begin to see that it is not only ‘fitness,’ but you see your body as an instrument.”


As each movement is introduced, with repetition, the mind takes it in with an image. The movement is then physically absorbed while the music flows through the body and allows the spiritual being to take flight. No longer is it just exercise, but it becomes a super natural body language. Because BalletSport is a non-aerobic concept, you awaken long lean muscles and ligaments that are able to absorb “muscle memory” which defines & transforms the body.


The workout also focuses on body alignment and control, working from the power center out to the fingertips and toes. Through BalletSport the body will begin a journey that it has always desired to take. The dancer will learn valuable insight into combinations that are proven to help prevent injury and prolong careers, and the non-dancer will discover the joy and physical benefits of ballet-based workouts. Let your body learn this supernatural language!


Your body will reveal its real definition, shape as your confidence, coordination, strength and grace are released through the beauty and strength of BalletSport. Don’t’ just survive in life, thrive-its so elegant! 

Embracing Divine Destiny through BalletSport


Embracing Divine Destiny through BalletSport Weekends are for ages 16 & up.

Class Descriptions & Objectives


A beautiful journey begins with easy breathing combinations. As movement flows from your “power center,” the renewing of your mind releases hidden stress & tension resident in your mind, body & soul.  Through gentle ballet based technique, BalletSport introduces your body to proper posture/alignment and awakens the Dance of Life- the Symphony within. Your body will reveal its real definition, shape as your confidence, coordination, strength and grace are released through the beauty and strength of BalletSport.

Colors of Love/Walk of Life:  

Into the woods of Wild Wonderful West Virginia at Lions Oak. The walk will direct the path for the new day. All creation sings & dances around us. Lets inhale the majestic colors and sounds that surround us. “Creativity in Full Flight”!

Symphony Divine

The power of music! Inspiring sounds from Classical, to Global, to Inspirational, to Jazz, to Folk.  BalletSport combinations are explored as we experience how the relation ship between the music and movement create the “Dance of Life”! Healing is released in our bodies as we absorb music that moves our spirits.

Poemes of Life:  

The Art of Journaling!  We will write entries into our “Sacred Journals” and discover how words have the power to bring hope, healing, peace, love & joy. We will proclaim through word our thankfulness, gratefulness and appreciation, and we will set these words into motion. Your Imagination is also needed! Be prepared for a beautiful flow of thoughts from your inner being.

Sacred Symbols: 

Symbols have always been important. As we renew our minds and refresh our spirits and embrace the sacred gift of life, we will explore the meaning of the Sacred Symbols created by our bodies. Just as we use numbers in dance: 5,6,7,8.  “8” speaks of new beginnings, infinity and the everlasting dance!


Plan on wearing comfortable/exercise clothing for classes. Bring your journal and your imagination! Remember “Creativity in Full Flight.”


Physically: toned arms & legs; sculpted abs & derriere; re-energized body

Mentally & Spiritually:  renewed, challenged & replenished;

A hunger to learn more about the Super Natural Body Language, BalletSport.


$250.00 per person plus housing & meals. There is limited housing available at Lions Oak and numerous cottage rentals near by. When you call to register, we will help you secure housing. The Dance Barn at Lions Oak is located just outside of Berkeley Springs, WV, Americas’ First Spa.


Embracing Divine Destiny Through BalletSport© Weekend

Retreat Schedule

October 12-14, 2007

Friday, October 12

6pm                           Orientation & Reception

Saturday, October 13

9:00 – 10:00 am        Colors of Love/walk

10:15–12:00pm         BalletSport / Sacred Symbols

12:00 - 1:00pm          Lunch

1:00–5:00pm             Free Time

(Great time to schedule spa services in Berkeley Springs)

5:00 – 7:00 PM          Poemes of Life – 

                                    music, art,  journaling

Evening Free Time

 (Great time to schedule spa services)


Sunday, October 14

8:00 – 8:45 am               Colors of Love/walk

9:00– 10:00 am              BalletSport

10:00 – 10:45 am           Poemes of Life

10:45 – 11:45 am           Embracing Divine Destiny – 

                                          Step into a new beginning

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